We offer educational workshops to help our customers learn how to save water and money and to protect our water resources by preventing pollution.  Topics include:

  • Fixing household leaks
  • Septic Tank Maintenance
  • Rain barrels
  • Green Cleaning
  • Project W.E.T. curriculum workshops (for educators)

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Public WOrks

2022 Rain Barrel Workshops

2022 Rain Barrel Workshop

2022 Rain Barrel Workshops will be held on the dates listed below. Registration information will be available a few weeks before each date. Follow Fulton County on social media @fultoninfo for announcements or use the link on this page to join our workshop mailing list.
- April 9th (South Fulton)
- April 30th (Sandy Springs)
- June 11th (Alpharetta)
- June 25th (South Fulton)
- August 13th (East Point)
- August 27th (Milton)

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